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Legal Aid Resource Links

  COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES Legal Services agency for Central Arizona
  DNA - PEOPLES LEGAL SERVICES Legal Services agency for Northern Arizona
  SOUTHERN ARIZONA LEGAL AID Legal Services agency for Southern Arizona
Online calculator helps users determine child support based upon the guidlines.
Resources and referrals for Arizona civil legal aid
The Arizona Supreme Court site has information about the entire court system.
Has 24/7 information telephone line and info about how to find help for just about anything.
Hotline to assist seniors (60+) with problems they are facing.
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement
Arizona site with resources for legal issues impacting kids and teens.
Legal Services Corporation national site
Civil legal Self-help Center for Maricopa County courts. Includes forms and instructions for those who want to represent themselves.
Information about courts in all states.
Information about issues facing low income clients.
The Self-help Center has forms and instructions for a variety of civil legal issues. This information may be downloaded and used by people that want to represent themselves in court.
U.S. Federal Legislative Information


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